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A staple on your table.
              A staple of the local economy.
Our products are distributed by the three Pittsburgh parent dairies and five warehouses in Pittsburgh, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. We continue to expand the scope of our sales.

The plant also bottles water and iced tea marketed by Turner Dairy.

Our ice cream mix is still prepared the old fashioned way, vat pasturized for the creamiest, most delicious taste possible at a variety of butterfat contents.

All of our products are certified kosher, and we are proud to extend our super kosher sour cream and cottage cheese products to communities in Brooklyn, New York and Florida.

​​Though no longer family owned, the Titusville Dairy Products Company still maintains a familial work environment with a small, personable staff eager to do business with you. We are proud to support local farmers and maintain a long lasting dairy tradition that honors our past.
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In The Beginning...
These black and white photos 

depict the original Titusville 

Dairy Products plant during 

the 1930s. Throughout that time, 

the dairy's main product was 

sweetened condensed milk. 

While the plant no longer 

produces sweetened 

condensed milk nor stores or 

transports milk in metal cans 

like those shown here, much 

of the plant's original 

structure remains in use